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WorldCard Mobile – Business Card Reader & Scanner

wcNeed a fast and efficient way to store Contacts on your iPhone or iPad? Use WorldCard Mobile, a businesss card reader and scanner app that can easily capture via camera and transfer information from business cards to the user’s native contact. Users of this app will no longer have to manually input or update contact information from business cards or email signatures.

This app has superior text recognition that efficiently captures all text from business cards and has a Card Holder function that helps users easily navigate and organize contacts into categories such as school, work, etc. Contact information can either be saved to Card Holder, to iPhone Contacts or both and images can be saved to photo library when necessary.

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sn2Business people are always on the go and find it necessary to transport and share important files anytime, anywhere. If you’re one of these people and are looking for a better and efficient way to do this, Snap2PDF is the app for you.

Snap2PDF, is an innovative app designed to manage documents wherever, whenever. This useful app works as a scanner that allows users to scan, store and share documents as PDF files with ease. It works on OCR Technology (Optical Character Recognition) that easily captures and transfers files such as business cards, receipts, magazine articles, etc. on an iPhone.

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