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Whiteboard Capture Pro

wbDo you spend time working on a whiteboard (non-electronic) and need to record your deliberations for later use? If so, the Whiteboard Capture Pro is a fantastic app.

As a workshop facilitator I use this all the time to capture the information from the whiteboard (or workshop papers) and email it to my PA (or clients) to have the notes converted into a typed document or mindmap. It works so well and easily that I always use the app even if it’s on an electronic board that makes a copy for me.
How does it work?

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Message Templates

MTDo you ever have a great idea for an iPhone app? Well I had this fantastic idea and when I went online to check out the competition, I found this great app which does exactly what I was planning to do. It’s called Message Templates (“MT”) and is a wonderfully simple app. I left my great idea on the “drawing board”!

What MT allows you to do is to store messages that you use frequently and enables you to re-use them at the touch of a button. It integrates seamlessly with native applications like “Mail” and “Messages” and allows you to access names, numbers and email addresses stored in “Contacts” via these apps.

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xeroThe Xero app allows users to accomplish simple accounting tasks such as track finances, manage cash flow, check bank balances including credit card, PayPal balances, send invoice to customers and upload receipts – all while on the run.

Other functions of Xero are – it allows users easy access to their Account contacts and view them on a map. It also provides simple note-taking and storing, integrates with payroll, CRM inventory management systems, e-commerce.

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