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seGone are the days when business people are confined to offices during business hours. These days, most businesses require owners, managers and salespeople to travel and meet with other people to grow their businesses. So if you find yourself out of the office most of the time, SignEasy is one of the many useful apps for the iPhone and the iPad that you can use to be more efficient in handling paperwork.

With SignEasy, you can say goodbye to the hassles of printing, scanning and faxing business documents when you’re on the road. This app allows users to sign and send any document in 3 simple and easy steps – import, sign and send.

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Decision Matrix

dmThe Decision Matrix app is a powerful tool that helps and simplifies the way users make important decisions. This app is based on a process that has been proven effective by business people and business leaders. In fact, it is considered one of the most powerful tools in Mindshop’s business advisers and consultants.

With its simple interface, this app is easy to use in rating, comparing and selecting the best options. This app can help users make well-thought decisions on a variety of subject matters and once decision files are made and saved, users can easily share these files with colleagues or anyone else through email or by exporting it directly to Evernote.

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Force Field Analysis – Problem Solving tool

ffaForce field analysis is a quick, simple, effective and very powerful problem solving tool for business and personal use.

Most of us don’t have a clear process for solving problems. Our results are usually unfocused, poorly constructed and do not provide a comprehensive solution. However, we don’t want a process that is constrictive and stifles our creativity – we want something that is quick, simple, effective and powerful. Force Field Analysis is that solution.

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