Force Field Analysis – Problem Solving tool


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Designed for the iPhone and compatible with iPad

Force field analysis is a quick, simple, effective and very powerful problem solving tool for business and personal use.

Most of us don’t have a clear process for solving problems. Our results are usually unfocused, poorly constructed and do not provide a comprehensive solution. However, we don’t want a process that is constrictive and stifles our creativity – we want something that is quick, simple, effective and powerful. Force Field Analysis is that solution.

This application will guide your through a structured process that will help you to address any issue or problem and develop realistic action plans to address the issue.

The process is quick and easy with a simple issue taking only 5 minutes to address. You can use it solve a range of business, personal and organizational issues.

The problem solving process is broken 5 easy steps that will take you from challenge to solutions to action plans. You can then easily share your problem, solutions and action plans via email or as an image file.

The App includes both written and video instructions in addition to tips on how to get the most out of the process.

Force Field Analysis is one of the world’s premier problem solving tools and is widely used in planning, process improvement, Lean Thinking and Six Sigma Processes.

It requires no special education – if you can read and write then you can make effective use of this tool.

Simple effective problem solving routine
Save multiple problems and action plans
Video instructions and comprehensive tips included
You can share your analysis and action plans via email or as an image file

We have rated the app using the following criteria with a score out of 5 (where 1 is poor, 3 is average and 5 is excellent)


Criteria Score Comments
Ease of Use   4   This app is very easy to use
Usefulness   4   This app is useful as a tool to assist in solving simple and complex problems.
Productivity   3   This tool will assist productivity by providing a quick mechanism for problem solving
Applicability   4   It should be useful for all business owners and managers
Value   4   It is good value
BestApps Rating   4   An excellent app – download it today!

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