iThoughts HD

US $10.49

Designed for the iPad, requires iOS 5.1 or later

Looking for the best mindmapping app for the iPad? Check out iThoughts HD – a mindmapping app specifically designed for the iPad based on the popular iThoughts for iPhone, and is one of the many mindmapping apps on the App Store.

Mindmaps are diagrams used to visually outline thoughts, ideas and information. And for businesspeople like me who find mindmapping a great business tool, iThoughts HD provides a simple and efficient way to create and access mindmaps whenever, wherever using your iPad.

iThoughtsHD integrates with many of the most popular desktop mindmap applications such as MyThoughts, Freemind, Freeplane, XMind, Novamind, MindManager, MindView, ConceptDraw MINDMAP, MindGenius and iMindMap, and will let users import and export mindmaps with to and from these apps.

This app provides hundreds of mindmap templates via Biggerplate and also allows users export their mindmaps in a variety of different formats – JPEG, PNG + HTML, Powerpoint/Keynote (PPTX) and as a Word document (DOCX). It also works nicely with other services such as Dropbox, Box, WebDAV and social media networks including Twitter and Facebook.

With its functionality and features, iThoughts HD is among the best mindmapping apps on the App Store.


  • Simple, effective interface
  • Export to and from popular desktop mindmap applications and in different formats
  • Hundreds of templates to use
  • Finger drawing
  • Passcode protection

My Feedback on iThoughtsHD
I use mindmaps a lot with my clients and I’ve found iThoughts HD to be a great brainstorming app. I’ve found it easy and intuitive to use and easy to share.

We have rated the app using the following criteria with a score out of 5 (where 1 is poor, 3 is average and 5 is excellent)

Criteria             Score                    Comments
Ease of Use    5    This app is very easy to use
Usefulness    4    This app is useful for mindmapping
Productivity    4    This tool will assist productivity by   providing a quick mechanism
for brainstorming ideas
Applicability    5    It should be useful for all business owners and managers
Value    4    It is good value
 Rating    4.5    A good app – download it today!


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