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PayPal for iPhone

Given that almost everything can be done with the use of your iPhone and iPad, it’s no surprise that it’s now possible to easily send or receive money with your devices via the PayPal iPhone app.

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Gone are the days when business people are confined to offices during business hours. These days, most businesses require owners, managers and salespeople to travel and meet with other people to grow their businesses. So if you find yourself out of the office most of the time, SignEasy is one of the many useful apps for the iPhone and the iPad that you can use to be more efficient in handling paperwork.

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Looking for an effective alternative to PowerPoint for your iPad or iPhone? Keynote is Apple’s answer to that. Of course, to do this you will need to download the Keynote app to make your presentations come alive with your iPad.

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Decision Matrix

Need a tool to help you evaluate alternative options? Decision Matrix is the tool for you. Use this simple, yet powerful tool to help you review and evaluate alternatives. It can be used to help select the right candidate for a job, a new car and to make any decision. It allows you to develop Action Plans and to share your analysis and actions with colleagues and friends. This app has been designed for the iPad and the iPhone.

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Force Field Analysis

A powerful problem solving tool to assist you to develop solutions to complex problems. This app works you step by step from defining your issue to developing solutions to creating action plans for implementing. Share your plans and analysis with colleagues via email or screenshot images. It also includes an instructional video.

This app is available in the following languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

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Competitor Analysis

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How well do you compare to the competition? Use this simple app to evaluate your performance against 3 competitors across a range of criteria. You can then develop simple action plans to address key issues. You can then share your analysis and plans with colleagues via email or screenshot images.

This app run on both the iPhone and the iPad after being redesigned specifically for the iPad User.

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